About Niiil

My passion for jewellery design started in a small jewellery workshop at Vesterbro. Here, I witnessed how the goldsmith through a vision was able to develop at sheet of metal into a phenomenal expression that was wearable. Inspired by the freedom to create on our own, I began to draw and outline our expressions, and I watched excitedly as they were brought into life. As I had jewellery of our own creation, many approached me to hear where they could get the same expression. This inspired me to start my business, Niiil, so that I could not only create, but also share my design with all jewellery lovers.

The quality of our design is paramount in terms of the sharpness and durability of the jewellery. I only use the metals gold or silver in our workshop, and you will often find the words gilded and oxidised jewelleries in my collection descriptions. When my jewelleries are gilded with silver, they are made of pure silver and their surfaces are coated with a layer of gold. Oxidised silver jewelleries are also made of pure silver, and their surface are coated with a layer of black silver.

I love the feminine, but raw expression. The combination of elegance and badass is the core of my designs. The freedom to mix the two styles together, I think support women’s elegant and strong nature. I want you to feel empowered when you wear our jewellery – like the ballet dancer who rocks a pair of leather boots. Different. Brave. Unique.

My jewellery is for you who create your own style. To you who know who you are and are not afraid to go for it.

– Niiil Durmus